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18/05/2016 Wed. Askern 10 Kms Road Race (Askern D.R.C.)
14/08/2016 Sun. Askern 10 Miles Road Race (inc. Yorkshire & SOUTH YORKSHIRE CHAMPIONSHIPS)
27/11/2016 Sun. Barnsley 10 Kms Road Race (Barnsley A.C.)
11/06/2016 Sat. Barnsley Boundary Race Cannon Hall
27/02/2016 Sat. Barnsley Harriers Anniversary Relay Silkstone
20/03/2016 Sun. Bassingthorpe Trail Race (Rotherham H.)
11/09/2016 Sun. Bawtry Forest Race (Maltby R.C.)
23/06/2016 Thu. Blacka Moor Fell Race (Totley A.C.) Totley
26/12/2016 Mon. Braithwell Race (Maltby R.C.)
03/07/2016 Sun. Brinsworth 10 Kms
26/11/2016 Sat. British Athletics Cross Country Challenge
07/05/2016 Sat. British Athletics League 1
05/06/2016 Sun. British Athletics League 2
03/07/2016 Sun. British Athletics League 3
06/08/2016 Sat. British Athletics League 4
27/02/2016 Sat. British Indoor Championships (1) EIS Sheffield
28/02/2016 Sun. British Indoor Championships (2) EIS Sheffield
24/06/2016 Fri. British T&F Championships (to Sun. 26th.) Birmingham
10/07/2016 Sun. Broomhead Chase (Penistone F.R.)
06/02/2016 Sat. BUCS Cross Country Championships Gloucester
19/02/2016 Fri. BUCS Indoor Championships ( to Sun.21st) EIS Sheffield
30/04/2016 Sat. BUCS T&F Championships (to 2nd May) Bedford
06/11/2016 Sun. Canal Race, 4.5 miles multi-terrain (Kimberworth Str.)
04/09/2016 Sun. Cannon Hall 10 Kms Road Race Barnsley
24/09/2016 Sat. CP Sports Nottingham