League Results 2019

1st Event - 19th March 2019 - Millhouses Park

Unusually, we had 4 walkers competing over 5km. Lara MacColl, in only her second race at the distance, set off very positively at sub-30 minute pace and soon pulled back the 32 second handicap on leader Tony Bell. On the 4th 500m lap, Lara slowed with stitch and trailed Tony by 6 seconds. It was 3 laps before she was able to work her way up to Tony again. Then, in the last 500m, she opened up a 15 second gap for victory in a new personal best of 30:21.
Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Lara MacColl City of Sheffield & Dearne 30:53 (00:32) 30.21 5km
2 Tony Bell Lancashire W.C. 31:08 (00:00) 31:08 5km

natalie Myers

City of Sheffield & Dearne 32:15 (03:59) 28:16 5km

Ben Heley

2Dash 32:34 (18:15) 14:19 2km

Simon Pugh

Rotherham Harriers 32:51 (00:22) 32:29 5km

2nd Event - 15th April 2019 - Millhouses Park

In the closing stages of the race, the victory was always going to be between Ben Heley and Ellis Simmonds, the two walkers racing over 2km. After 1 km, Ellis had pulled back 1 minute and looked certain to win. Still closing, but at a slower rate, he was outsprinted in the final 100m. Ellis was rewarded with a 20 second PB and Ben's sprint took him to a PB equalling 12:57.
With 500m to go, Natalie Myers, who had been chasing the field down, moved through to third.

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Ben Heley 2Dash 31:04 (18:07) 12:57 2km
2 Ellis Simmonds 2Dash 31:07 (19:35) 11:32 2km
3 Natalie Myers 2Dash 31:55 (04:12) 27:43 5km
4 Lucy Walker 2Dash 32:18 (13:00) 19:18 3km
5 Simon Pugh Rotherham Harriers 32:21 (00:00) 32:21 5km

3rd Event - 15th May 2019 - Millhouses Park

An uneventful race with all the walkers closing together as expected until just 38 seconds covered the field. The biggest question was how far through the field Natalie Myers could get, catching the field with 500m to go and failing to catch the winner, Tony Bell, by 10 seconds. 

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Tony Bell Lancashire WC 31:52 (00:57) 30:55 5km
2 Natalie Myers 2Dash 32:02 (04:33) 27:29 5km
3 Lucy Walker 2Dash 32:09 (20:06) 12:03 2km
4= Imogen Walker Meadowhead School 32:30 (25:55) 06:35 1km
4= Simon Pugh Rotherham Harriers 32:30 (00:00) 32:30 5km

4th Event - 7th June 2019 - Olympic Legacy Park

This is our one SYL race each year that is not at Millhouses Park. This year we moved from the Woodbourn Road track to the paths of the Olympic Legacy Park on the site of the old Don Valley Stadium. The race is preceded by a coaching event that targets the qualifiers for the primary schools finals and new walkers representing Sheffield schools in the county schools championships. Only one regular walker in attendance, Simon Pugh, taking an easy 'scratch' victory.
Target times for the new walkers were calculated from their primary or secondary qualifying races. Most were amazingly close to their targets with 6 walkers within 7 seconds of their target. Just 2 beating their target times.

Target Position Competitor Club Actual Time Target Time Variance Handicap Position
1 Simon Pugh Rotherham Harriers 05:49 05:45 -04 seconds 4
2 Evan Shkul Eccleshall School 06:25 06:19 -06 seconds 5
3 Lauren Robertson Abbey Lane School 06:31 06:37 +06 seconds 2
4 Libby Davidson Sheffield High 06:42 06:00 -42 seconds


5 Anna Bulger Sheffield High 06;43 06:22 -21 seconds


6 Esther Peterson Eccleshall School 07:00 06:59 -01 second


7 Daniel Webster Totley Primary 07:01 07:08 +07 seconds


8 Amy Robertson Abbey Lane School 07:37 07:30 -07 seconds


5th Event - 25th June 2019 - Millhouses Park

With just 4 starters, the 5th SYL race soon developed into two separate races. Simon Pugh was first away with a 1:42 second advantage over Tony Bell and  Lara MacColl a few strides further back. That gap didn't vary much. Ben Heley slotted in 15 seconds behind Simon with 2.5km to go and it took him until the last 500m to close in and take a 2 second victory. Lara eventually won the battle for 3rd place a minute and a half later.

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Ben Heley 2Dash 32:02 (16:25) 15:37 2.5km
2 Simon Pugh Rotherham Harriers 32:04 (00:00) 32:04 5km
3 Lara MacColl 2Dash 33:37 (01:58) 31:39 5km
4 Tony Bell Lancashire WC 33:44 (01:42) 32:02 5km

6th Event - 17th July 2019 - Millhouses Park

Ben Heley and Ellis Simmonds both made their debut at 3km. When Ben started, he dropped into the race comfortably ahead of the 5km walkers and held onto his lead right to the end. Natalie Myers was over 500m behind with 2km to go and just failed to get past Ellis for second as they both produced great sprint finishes.
Lara McColl was up with Ellis and Tony Bell midway through but then her shoe rubbed the back of her ankle raw and she slowed. She then put in a spirited sprint to regain 5th place on the line.

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Ben Heley 2Dash 31:30 (12:43) 18:47 3km
2 Ellis Simmonds 2Dash 31:54 (13:55) 17:59 3km
3 Natalie Myers 2Dash 31:55 (04:42) 27:13 5km
4 Tony Bell Lancashire WC 32:09 (00:32) 31:37 5km
5 Lara McColl 2Dash 32:12 (01:08) 31:04 5km
6 Simon Pugh Meadowhead School 32:12 (00:00) 32:12 5km

7th Event -10th August 2018 - Millhouses Park

Chris Bent returned to our competition after a knee replacement followed by 3 further operations to sort out infections. Starting out first with a target time of just outside 40 minutes, Chris comfortably beat this and just hung on for a 7 second victory over Imogen Walker. Imogen walked a solid race to produce a great PB, dipping under 14 minutes for the 1st time.
A 3km race long battle ensued between Lara MacColl and Lucy Walker starting just 13 seconds apart. A determined effort by Lucy saw her close the gap to about 3 seconds but perhaps she had worked too hard as at this point Lara managed to open up the gap again. They finished with great times of Lucy 18:30 and Lara 18:33. 

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Chris Bent M70 Buxton AC 39:13 (00:00) 39:13 5km
2 Imogen Walker U13G Greenhill School 39:20 (25:35) 13:45 2km
3 Lara MacColl U15G City of Sheffield & Dearne AC 39:35 (21:02) 18:33 3km
4 Lucy Walker U15G 2Dash 39:45 (21:15) 18:30 3km
5 Ellis Simmonds U13B Dobcroft School 40:16 (28:20) 11:56 2km
6 Tony Bell M55 Lancashire WC 40:46 (08:52) 31:54 5km

8th Event - 5th September 2018 - Millhouses Park

A really tight race with the leading 4 walkers covered by just 4 seconds. Imogen Walker (U13) spent most of the last 300m trying to hold off Tony Bell and was just 3 seconds adrift at the line. Next, Lara MacColl challenged Tony with 150m to go but her sprint came too early and Tony re-passed her befor the end for a 1 second victory.
Lucy Walker chased down her younger sister but had to settle for 4th place, 1 second behind Imogen. They both produced PB times. Lucy started 2 seconds behind Lara and finished 2 seconds behind her to be given the same time.
With 1 race to go, today's winner Tony joins Simon and Lucy at the top on 73 points, 4th Lara 71 points, 5th Toby 65 points, 6th Ellis Simmonds 61 points and 7th Imogen Walker 52 points.

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Tony Bell M55 Lancashire WC 31:03 (00:16) 30:47 5km
2 Lara MacColl U15G City of Sheffield & Dearne AC 31:04 (19:20) 11:44 2km
3 Imogen Walker U13G Meadowhead School 31:06 (24:39) 06:27 1km
4 Lucy Walker 2Dash 31:06 (19:22) 11:44 2km
5 Toby Chaplin U13B City of Sheffield & Dearne AC 31:38 (18:33) 13:05 2km
6 Simon Pugh M55 Rotherham Harriers 31:39 (00:00) 31:39 5km
7 Ellis Simmonds U13B Silverdale School 31:48 (22:38) 09:10 1.5km

9th Event - 2nd October 2018 - Millhouses Park

Going into the final race of the series, Tony Bell, Simon Pugh and Lucy Walker shared the lead on 73 points, using their 4 top races of the season.
Chris Bent was dirst away and was never headed, improving by 1 minute over his Jeff Ford time, which itself was almost 90 seconds faster than his first post knee operation time at the 7th SYL. This improvement gave him a 80 second victory.
Simon took second place 3 seconds inside his target time to add 1 point to his score, break the deadlock and retain his South Yorkshire County AA title from last year.
Lucy, who was not present to add to her score, took the silver medal on a count back rule leaving Tony with the bronze medal.

Position Competitor Club Time on Clock Start Time Actual Time Distance
1 Chris Bent M70 Leicester WC 36:48 (00:00) 36:48 5km
2 Simon Pugh M50 Rotherham Harriers 38:08 (06:27) 31:41 5km
3 Imogen Walker U13G Meadowhead School 38:25 (24:19) 14:06 2km
4 Ben Heley U13B Notre Dame School 38:28 (31:51) 06:35 1km
5 Tony Bell M55 Lancashire WC 39:59 (07:31) 32:28 5km
6 Lara MacColl U15G City of Sheffield & Dearne AC 40:21 (27:11) 13:10 2km


Final Positions - S.Y. Race Walking League - 2018

Position Name Points Position Name Points Position Name Points
1 Simon Pugh 74 7 Ellis Simmonds 61 =13 Natalie Myers 18
2 Lucy Walker 73 8 Ethan Morgan 46 =13 Emily Morgan 18
3 Tony Bell 73 9 Chris Bent 40 15 Ben Heley 16
4 Lara MacColl 71 10 Alex Wellings 32 16 Peter Bilson 14
5 Imogen Walker 69 11 Daniel Wellings 31 17 Isaac Rosson 13
6 Toby Chaplin 65 12 Lauren Robertson 20 18 Leo Platt 12