League Rules 2012

The League is a series of nine midweek evening races held each month from March until October. It has been designed to be inclusive of all age groups.

The Basis of the Competition

This is a 'Yacht' handicap competition where walkers start off at different times with the faster athletes trying to catch the slower ones before the finish. The result is the order in which they cross the finish line. Within the same competition, different distances can be competed over by different walkers according to their age.
The walker expecting to take the longest time would start off first. This might be an older walker who is doing 5km, and has a handicap target of 28.30 minutes, then all the others would be set off at times according to their target times (e.g. an 11 year old with a target of 6.30 minutes for 1km would set off 22 minutes after that first man to give the same finish time of 28.30 minutes).

The Scoring System

The winner of each race will be awarded 20 points, 2nd place will be awarded 18 points, 3rd place 17 points, 4th place 16 points, etc.
Each walker would count their top four scores during the season for their League total.
In the case of a tie in the number of points scored, final positions will be determined by comparing their best positions during the season and then looking at their 'head-to-head' results.


Although the only active race-walk athletes are currently from Sheffield, athletes from other South Yorkshire clubs are encouraged to participate.


South Yorkshire medals/plaques will go to the first 3 in the League.
Up to 3 tokens will be awarded to the top positions in each race. These could be used to pay for future entries.


The entry fee will be £1.00 per race.
This fee is payable to the South Yorkshire Race Walk Secretary:-

Brian Adams
Telephone: 01142 377364
Email: thebrianadams@hotmail.com