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Final XC League & Championship Results
By Drystonepete - 14/12/2015 I think that all the small errors and omissions have been sorted....

Campsall Results
By Drystonepete - 13/12/2015 Only one file attached at the moment.

XC League: Individual Standings
By Drystonepete - 07/12/2015 Take a look at the attached file to find out the individual league standings after 3 fixtures.

Final event - correction
By Drystonepete - 07/12/2015 Thanks to Keith Binney for realising that the Laps on yesterday's posting were incorrect - that'll teach me to alter the lettering on the map!

Final Event & Championships 13 12 15
By Drystonepete - 06/12/2015 Final Event & Championships 13 12 15 Details of the final XC league event and championships at Campsall can be found in the files attached below.

Cannon Hall Final Results
By Drystonepete - 17/11/2015 Three files attached: individual results, team points and cumulative team points. It's going to be close for the team trophies!

Cannon Hall - Provisional Results
By Drystonepete - 15/11/2015 Please take a look through and let me know of any errors you spot.

Cannon Hall Fixture Information
By Drystonepete - 09/11/2015 Cannon Hall Fixture Information Courses, laps, distances and other key information is in the attached files below.In particular, please read the request about parking. The weather will, of course, be good.

Graves Park Final Results
By Drystonepete - 27/10/2015 Final individual results (error free?)attached, as are the junior and senior team points after two fixtures. Next fixture: Cannon Hall on 15 November.

Graves Park Provisional Results
By Drystonepete - 25/10/2015 Provisional results attached from SYCAA League Fixture 2 at Graves Park 25/10/15. There are one or two errors (see below). If you can help with these or have spotted any other errors, please let me know.

Graves Park Fixture Information
By Drystonepete - 19/10/2015 Graves Park Fixture Information Everything you need to know for the next XC League fixture at Graves Park on Sunday 25 October. Particularly note the information on parking restrictions.

Northern & SY Relay Champs
By Drystonepete - 18/10/2015 The event continues to grow in popularity. A summary of the results on the attachment below. Full results on the Northern Athletics website

Clifton Park Final & Team Results
By Drystonepete - 18/10/2015 Well, I think all the errors are corrected, except for one missing runner in the men's race. So, ithas been possible to calculate the team scores. Both files can be downloaded below. As usual, let me know of any mistakes you spot.

Clifton Park Provisional Results
By Drystonepete - 12/10/2015 The attached file has results from Sunday. No apologies for the rather rough format - all the important detail is decipherable! Please check for errors and let me know.

Clifton Park Fixture Information
By Drystonepete - 05/10/2015 Clifton Park Fixture Information Attached to this posting are details of the SYCAA XC League fixture at Clifton Park this coming Sunday. Start times for each race can be found under the 'Race Order and Timings' tab. The weather is always good at Clifton Park, I am assured.

Scoring for V65/V70 Men
By Drystonepete - 23/09/2015 From this year there will be a change to the scoring in the XC League for V65/V70 men, as the current system puts too much emphasis on the points from this age group.

2015 XC League Season
By Drystonepete - 03/09/2015 Basic information is now under the individual headings on the website. Numbers should be available through clubs from mid September. Clubs: if your XC secretary has changed since last year, please let Pete McLeod know: