Cross Country Dates and Venues 2017

15 October - Longley Park, Sheffield

29 October - Winter Hill, Kimberworth

19 November - Penistone Showground

17 December - Kiveton Community Woodland

Cross Country News


SFSS Website Update
By Drystonepete - 20/12/2017 The new Sheffield Federation for School Sports website is starting to get information on it now. So if you want results from the last Sheffield Primary Schools fixture and selection of schools for the S Yorks Schools Championships, you should now find it on the 'Latest News' feed. The files are attached below also.

Sheffield Open Cross Country 20 Jan
By Drystonepete - 20/12/2017 The re-scheduled Sheffield Open Cross Country Races will be held on Saturday, 20th January 2018. All details of the day remain the same, and can be found at For online entrants, we will reimburse their entry fee if you can’t make the revised date, and entries are open for anyone who wishes to compete, all age groups from Under 11 to Seniors/Vets. Medals for juniors and cash & prize vouchers for Seniors/Vets. Details We’re looking forward to a great day’s competition, hopefully snow free!!

At Last!!!!!
By Drystonepete - 20/12/2017 Below you will find XC League Fixture 4 race result, a corrected list of Championship medalists and the cumulative individual and team League positions at the end of the season.

Initial Results from Kiveton Communtiy Woodland
By Drystonepete - 17/12/2017 Apologies for our inability to award any League trophies: it will take a day or so to get these out I suspect. All the Championship 1 - 2 - 3s are on the attached file. I think they are pretty accurate.

Sheffield Secondary Schools XC Cancelled
By Drystonepete - 14/12/2017 The fixture at Castle Dike this Saturday (16/12/17) has been cancelled due to snow covering the course and potential ice risk.

...and the correct postcode
By Drystonepete - 12/12/2017 Use S26 6LR, not the code in the earlier instructions, to get you to the Colliery Road car park for the XC.

...with MV65s added
By Drystonepete - 12/12/2017

Individual XC League Positions After 3 Fixtures
By Drystonepete - 12/12/2017 Cumulative individual positions attached.

Xc League Team Positions after 3 Fixtures
By Drystonepete - 11/12/2017 It's close at the top (and further down) for both seniors and juniors! Check out how your club is doing on the attached file.

Final XC League Fixture & Championship Details
By Drystonepete - 11/12/2017 Final XC League Fixture & Championship Details Attached below are course details and general info regarding XC League Fixture 4, which doubles as the SY Championships.

Final XC League & Champs 17 12 17
By Drystonepete - 10/12/2017 A quick reminder that the order of events for the final XC at Kiveton Community Woodland is different to all the other Fixtures. A race order and timing is attached.

Sheffield Primary Schools at Longley Park 09/12/17
By Drystonepete - 07/12/2017 Confirmation that the next Sheffield Primary Schools XC League fixture is at Longley Park this coming Saturday (09/12/17).

FINAL Penistone result with times
By Drystonepete - 23/11/2017 All unidentified people now identified. Errors in some of the Ladies' times corrected. U11 Boys race order now correct. Team and individual points to follow soon.

Penistone Results with Times
By Drystonepete - 22/11/2017 Rather than wait any longer for the last few errors and omissions, here is a file of the Penistone XC results with times.

Preliminary Penistone Results
By Drystonepete - 20/11/2017 Many thanks to Penistone Footpath Runners and AC for hosting the third SYCAA XC League fixture at Penistone Showground. Great weather and a good turnout. Preliminary results attached. Times will be added when I have the errors sorted.

Penistone XC - Just One More Correction
By Drystonepete - 16/11/2017 Difficult to get an old dog to do new tricks, but this old dog is forgetting even the very few tricks he could do. The description for the U15 Boys race was still incorrect on the last posting. Correct version (v3) attached.

Penistone XC Details - a Correction
By Drystonepete - 13/11/2017 Everything on the previous posting correct, except the laps for U17s and Seniors. A corrected version of the laps and distances chart is attached.

XC League Fixture 3, Penistone Shoiwground
By Drystonepete - 12/11/2017 XC League Fixture 3, Penistone Shoiwground The attached files give information about the forthcoming SYCAA XC League Fixture at Penistone Showground.

XC League - Team Points
By Drystonepete - 12/11/2017 Two files attached showing the Junior and Senior Team points after the first 2 Fixtures.

SY Relays - Final Corrected Result
By Drystonepete - 07/11/2017 I think this is now the correct version. Many thanks to those who pointed out the many errors...

South Yorkshire XC Relays 21 10 17
By Drystonepete - 22/10/2017 The SY XC Relays are incorporated into the Northern XC Relays, which took place on Saturday 21 October. The results are attached.

Final Winterhill XC Results
By Drystonepete - 31/10/2017 Final results attached. Just one unidentified runner - no prizes for finding him/her in the results!

Preliminary Winterhill Results
By Drystonepete - 30/10/2017 Although the results are substantially correct, there are some significant errors, which are detailed below. As usual. please let me know of any you have spotted, which I have not.

SY Relays - Corrected result
By Drystonepete - 24/10/2017 This time with the correct teams in the Senior Men's result

XC League Fixture 2, Winter hill, Kimberworth
By Drystonepete - 22/10/2017 XC League Fixture 2, Winter hill, Kimberworth Attached are the details of the forthcoming XC League fixture at Kimberworth.

Final Longley Park XC Results
By Drystonepete - 19/10/2017 The attached file is the final set of results for the first SYCAA 'Up & Running' XC League Fixture at Longley Park on 15 10 17

Preliminary Longley Park Results
By Drystonepete - 16/10/2017 The attached file is a first stab at the results.

Longley Park Postcode Error
By Drystonepete - 11/10/2017 Apparently, Googlemaps doesn't like the postcode I gave for Longley 6th Form College. Try S5 6SG. It may work better.

XC League Fixture 1, Longley Park 15 10 17
By Drystonepete - 08/10/2017 XC League Fixture 1, Longley Park 15 10 17 Go to the files below to find information about the first XC League fixture: provisional course map; laps, distance and timing and information about the venue.

XC League 2017
By Drystonepete - 05/09/2017 Scrape the mud off those spikes. The 2017 XC season is fast approaching. The XC section of the website has been updated too. Read on.....