League Rules

South Yorkshire County District Athletics Association

Rules of the South Yorkshire Cross Country League

  1. All races are to be held under UK Athletics rules for competition*.

  1. The League is open to all athletes in South Yorkshire Clubs who are registered for competition with England Athletics.  The club must also be affiliated to England Athletics. (See Rule 12)

  1. The number of fixtures is to be decided each season. Currently it is four.

  1. League structure. For senior and vet runners, the League will be divided into two divisions – 1 & 2 . There will be nine clubs in Section 1. At the end of each season two clubs will be relegated from section 1 and two clubs will be promoted from Section 2. This will be based on the total number of points scored by clubs over the season. There will be a separate junior league for U11 to U17 athletes, also decided on the total number of points scored by clubs over the season.

  1. Registration procedure:

    • The League secretary will allocate a block of numbers to each club. Under 17 numbers will be allocated separately by the League secretary.

    • Club Secretaries are responsible for issuing the numbers to their members at a charge of £8.00 per number. This number should be retained and worn in all League races in which the athlete takes part. Club Secretaries should enter runners on the registration form sent out to clubs at the start of the season. The list should be returned electronically to the League Secretary by 5pm at the latest on the day of the first meeting.  Additional names may be added in a similar way for subsequent fixtures. Any club requiring additional numbers should inform the League Secretary.

    • After the conclusion of the League programme a statement of the amount due for registration fees will be sent to the clubs. Payment should be made to the SYCAA Treasurer.

  1. League programme. The distances stated are the maximum for each race:

All ages as at 31 August preceding the League season (i.e. Runners must be UNDER on that day). Under 11s must be at least 8 on the day of the race. Vet ages from date of first fixture.
1 Boys Under 11 1500m
2 Girls Under 11 1500m
3 Girls Under 13 3000m
4 Girls Under 15 3000m
5 Boys Under 13 3500m
6 Boys Under 15 4000m
7 Ladies Under 17 4000m
8 Ladies Over 17 6000m
9 Men Over 65 6000m
10 Men Under 17 6000m
11 Men Over 17 10 000m

  • Events 1 & 2 and events 3 & 4 may be run together if numbers are low

  • Events 7, 8 & 9 will be run together

  • Events 10 & 11 will be run together

  1. Scoring: The first 4 runners from each club to score in each age group, except in the junior/senior/veteran men’s event where the first 6 runners will comprise the team. Veterans do not score separately from seniors. In the Men's V65/V70 age group, points will be awarded to the first 3 finishers only.

  1. Runners ineligible to score for their club may compete in the League fixtures. Club Secretaries should register these athletes in the normal way and inform the League Secretary.

  1. Runners not listed or not running in their allocated number will be disqualified. Club colours must be worn and runners failing to do so will be disqualified from the team competition.

  1. Trophies will be awarded for both individuals and clubs in the League. Individual awards will be made to the first three in each age group** based on the lowest aggregate positions in 3 out of the 4 League races – one of which must be the Championships. Aggregate times will be used in the event of a tie in positions. Individual awards will also be made in the following categories: Junior Ladies, Junior Men, Veteran Ladies O/35, O/45, O/55 & O65 and Veteran Men O/40,O/50 , O/60,  O/65 & O/70. For senior and vet runners, the winning club in each division will be awarded a trophy. A Junior Trophy will be awarded to the winning club based on league points.

  1. Championships: These will be held annually. Awards will be made for both individuals and teams in all events. In the Relay Championships, medals will be awarded to the first three teams. There is no entry on the day for the final event and championships,

  1. a.Athletes must be registered with England Athletics and must be a first or second claim members of a South Yorkshire Club affiliated to England Athletics to be eligible for individual or team awards in League or Championship. b.An athlete cannot be second claim for a South Yorkshire affiliated club if they are already a member of another South Yorkshire affiliated club.                                           c. Any club declaring a 2nd claim runner should ensure that the individual is registered as 2nd claim with Membership Services at England Athletics.                                              d. An athlete in the process of changing club membership and not eligible to compete for their new South Yorkshire club in team competition will be eligible for individual awards. An atlete who is not registered with England Athletics will be disqualified and will therefore not be eligible for individual or team awards.

  1. Young athletes who are potential club members may compete for a club in all Under 15 age groups prior to completing the registration procedure.

  1. Guests are permitted in South Yorkshire League events at the discretion of the League Secretary on payment of the appropriate entry fee (£8 per race). Any guests must be registered with England Athletics and must be members of a club affiliated to England Athletics. Unattached athletes are not allowed to compete.

* Except for Under 11s – see Rule 6 above

** As long as there are at least 5 runners taking part in the age group

September 2019