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XC League - Final Team and Individual Positions
By Drystonepete - 15/12/2018 Files attached for individual league position, Junior and Senior Team results, as well as the race result with (hopefully) all the corrections made.

XC Fixture 4 Results
By Drystonepete - 10/12/2018 This is the complete race result. Please check and let me know of any errors you find.

XC Championships Medal Winners 2018
By Drystonepete - 09/12/2018 Full Championship and League Results soon. In the meantime, here are the individual and team medal winners from this year's Championships

XC Final League Fixture and Championships
By Drystonepete - 02/12/2018 Course map, event order and other information for 9 December at Graves Park. Course map now in a more accessible format.

Corrected Senior Team Points
By Drystonepete - 04/12/2018 This replaces the set put on the website last week.

Ladies Individual Points After Fixture 3
By Drystonepete - 28/11/2018 Please check: these have been compiled by hand and mistakes are more likely than possible.

Team Points and Individual Scores
By Drystonepete - 25/11/2018 Team points for Fixture 3 as well as cumulative points. Individual points after Fixture 3, without any Ladies' points.

Cannon Hall Results
By Drystonepete - 24/11/2018 These results are, I think correct ....apart from No.245 appearing twice in the Men's race. Team points and individual scores to follow.

Lost property from Cannon Hall
By Drystonepete - 18/11/2018 If you were the person with small feet who left a pair of boots in a white carrier bag at Cannon Hall after the cross country, get in touch with me to arrange collection.

Championships 09 12 18
By Drystonepete - 23/11/2018 A couple of reminders and a call for help.

No. 245 or 254 or 246 or .....
By Drystonepete - 23/11/2018 Can anyone enlighten us please.....

Information for XC Fixture 3
By Drystonepete - 11/11/2018 Information for XC Fixture 3 Courses, laps, distances and general information for the third fixture at Cannon Hall on Sunday 18 November.

Campsall Senior Team Points
By Drystonepete - 11/11/2018 Team points from the second fixture, plus cumulative team scoresscores

Camsall Final Race Result
By Drystonepete - 08/11/2018 Finally,a final race result. Senior & Individual team points to follow

Campsall Junior Team Points
By Drystonepete - 02/11/2018 Final version attached

Campsall Provisional Men's Race Result
By Drystonepete - 01/11/2018 This is as accurate as we can get at this point in time. Apologies for it taking so long.

Campsall Provisional Results
By Drystonepete - 31/10/2018 These results do not include the results from the Men/Vet Men's race. These should appear on the site in the next couple of days.

Missing Number 1237
By Drystonepete - 30/10/2018 Did you run in this number at Campsall on Sunday? If so, can you please let us know, as there is no record of the number being issued!

Information for XC Fixture 2
By Drystonepete - 21/10/2018 Course map, lap info and general info for the next XC League fixture at Campsall Country Park

SYCAA XC Relay results 20 10 18
By Drystonepete - 22/10/2018 The SYCAA Relay Championships is held within the framework of the Northern Relay Championship events. Results attached.

Final Results for XC League Clifton Park
By Drystonepete - 22/10/2018 Files for both final individual results and team points attached.

Provisional Results from XC League Fixture 1
By Drystonepete - 16/10/2018 There are some errors in these results. If you do not find yourself, and expect to, we are probably aware of it, but by all means let me know. NB. The file below now contains the full men's result and MV65/70 result.

Results from Clifton Park XC
By Drystonepete - 14/10/2018 As usual it takes longer to get full results out from this fixture.

XC League Fixture 1, Clifton Park
By Drystonepete - 07/10/2018 XC League Fixture 1, Clifton Park Fixture 1 courses and more general information for the first SYCAA 'Up and Running' XC League fixture at Clifton Park. Includes course condition update Sat 13th

SYCAA Cross Country League 2018
By Drystonepete - 25/07/2018 Initial information on the forthcoming season.

At Last!!!!!
By Drystonepete - 20/12/2017 Below you will find XC League Fixture 4 race result, a corrected list of Championship medalists and the cumulative individual and team League positions at the end of the season.