Final Results for XC League Clifton Park

User: Drystonepete
Date: 22/10/2018 21:36:53
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As you will have gathered, there was a fair amount of checking which had to be done before these results could be published. Thanks for your patience. Especially in the Sen/Vet men's results, if you timed yourself and your time seems a little awry, we have done our best to be correct, but we are aware that in places times may be more than a few seconds out.

As stated when the provisional results came out, the Sen/Vet Ladies result is as the runners finished, but no points, individual or team have been awarded and the race is not a counter for the League. Those who finished lower down the finish order may not have been aware of the chaos at the front of the race. The League results for this category will be made up of the points from the best finish out of the next two races, plus the position in the final League event on 9 December. The FU17 and MV65/70 results are not affected.

Finally, many thanks to Rotherham H & AC members for hosting this event and to the officials who did their best on a truly horrendous day for accurate recording!

results-Final-meeting1-2018.pdf results-Final-meeting1-2018.pdf
TeamResults-meet1.pdf TeamResults-meet1.pdf