Job Vacancy: SYCAA Cross Country Secretary

User: Drystonepete
Date: 15/01/2019 21:26:02
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The Problem

As things stand at the moment, SYCAA does not have a Cross Country Secretary. No one came forward at the AGM and unless someone volunteers soon, there will be no South Yorkshire Cross Country League for 2019.

It is not realistic to think that people who already do a lot for SYCAA or for their own club are going to come forward to save the day. Too few people already do too much.

Want to be part of the solution?

There is clearly a demand for the League. In 2018:

  • 850+ runners took part

  • 29 South Yorkshire clubs were represented

  • guest runners came from other areas to get the level of competition provided.

My own feeling is that there needs to be a group of about three people to organise the League, with one having the job of making sure that everything happens. Peter Humphries (Rotherham Harriers & AC) is willing to produce results.

Time is of the essence

Yes, I know the 2019 League seems a long way off, but there is a degree of urgency, as some key decisions will need to be made by the end of June if the League is going to run at all.

Logic says that if so many people see a value in the League, there will be a resolution ….but experience also tells me that if you think someone else is going to put their hand up, you tend not to do so yourself.....

If you think you could be involved, I am happy to talk over the role ...and even get people together to plan a way forward. My email is: and mobile is 07570401169.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pete McLeod

ex SYCAA XC Secretary