Preliminary Penistone Results

User: Drystonepete
Date: 20/11/2017 10:39:21
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 LOST PROPERTY: I still have a pair of men's trousers from Winterhill (O'Neill, waist size 34) and a nice plastic waterbottle. On Sunday I acquired a black snowflake design beany and a nice metal flask. Text me on 07570401169 if you would like any of these back.

RESULTS: Rather a lot of errors and additions, I'm afraid. Please help me with the following:

FU11 race - 967 is clearly a mis-record or someone wearing the wrong number

MU11: 369 is a mis-record. 914 is probably not as it was recorded twice as this by officials.

SNR/VET LADIES: two runners for whom I have no details (MIssing Lady1 & 2) and one for whom I only have a first name - 972 (Anna Runner). Not sure if 389 (Missing Lady 3) is a mis-record or a runner for whom I have no registration details.

V65 MEN: 308 most likely a mis-record and may be a Snr/Vet Lady rather than a V65 Man.

SNR/VET MEN: 482 is most likely a mis-record. Two runners for whom I have no details (Missing Man 1 & 2)

Preliminary-Results-19-11-17.pdf Preliminary-Results-19-11-17.pdf