Preliminary Winterhill Results

User: Drystonepete
Date: 30/10/2017 08:53:27
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First of all, my apologies to the runners in the U15 Boys/ U17 Ladies race. A marshalling error meant that the two leading runners were sent the wrong way. The decision is that these two will be reinstated as 1st and 2nd in the race, but the Boys U15 result will take rather more untangling before a result can be posted - sorry.

Secondly, in the U13 Girls race a number of finishers (three, I think) were not recorded. I do not know exactly where the runners fit in to the result or who they are - mainly Hallamshire I think - so I will need help from the runners themselves and others who were there. Please do not take the gaps in the result as being accurate. I do have accurate times for this race.

The usual scattering of runners whose registration I have not received. These are obvious in the junior races, but not in the Senior results. I need details for runners 849 & 984 in the Ladies/MV65 race and 949 and 1010 in the SM/VM's race.

Clearly, No 634 was not the person recorded as a Senior Man in the MV65 result, but as this number was recorded by both place judges and timekeepers, I tend to think this is a runner putting on the wrong number. Again, please let me know.

Results with times will be posted as soon as the above issues are resolved.

Finally, someone went home without their trousers. If anyone would like to claim them (O'Neill label) let me know. I will dispose of them at the end of the season. Also a blue water bottle left.

Prelim-output-from-Race-2.pdf Prelim-output-from-Race-2.pdf