XC League 2017

User: Drystonepete
Date: 05/09/2017 13:10:55
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What's new

  • FV65 category starts this year
  • Date of the final fixture and champs moved to 17 December. Check this is down in your diary

What's the same

  • Still £8 a number, which covers all four fixtures. Numbers available through clubs from around the middle of September
  • No new venues this year
  • Order of events is unchanged


  • Juniors (U11 - U17) - check you know your age group. Ages are taken from 31 August 2017. For example, if you were still 14 on that day, you will be U15 for all four fixtures, even if your 15th birthday is 1 September.
  • You must be aged at least 8 on the day of the first fixture in order to compete.
  • Vets - your age is as on the day of the first league fixture.
  • Your number is your number for the whole season. Hang on to it. You can't give/sell it to someone else.
  • Register in exactly the name which is on your EA/UKA competition licence. This is important for verification purposes.

Looking foward to a dry and sun-filled series.....