Fixture 1 2019

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Date: 01/11/2019 13:11:52
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The provisional timetable can be viewed or downloaded via the link below. Also included are the athlete pool lists (where they are needed to avoid event clashes - if there are no pools listed, then there is just one group of athletes for that event)

You should plan to be there at least 1 hour before your first event. Remember that all competitors in field events which are timed to start at 12, should be at the event location at 11:30 to register and start measuring their run up / practising ready to start promptly at 12.

The venue have advised that there is not planned to be any car park staff in attendance for thsi fixture. This does mean that 1) there is unlikely to be a need to pay for car parking & 2) The car park will be very busy so please allow lots of time to get parked and into the athletics arena 1 hour before your first event

LJPoolsF12019-U13.pdf LJPoolsF12019-U13.pdf
eventoutline031119.pdf eventoutline031119.pdf
LJPoolsF12019-U15.pdf LJPoolsF12019-U15.pdf
ShotPoolsF12019.pdf ShotPoolsF12019.pdf