Fixture 2

User: steveg
Date: 15/12/2016 16:48:52
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The final results file, which can be viewed or downloaded via the link below, has now been sent to Power of 10.

The GP points table is also available to view or download. Please note that 4 athletes are not included in the correct age groups (they are shown at the foot of the table) as I have still not received dates of birth information for these 4.

Thanks to those who pointed out that the U15 boys had some points not attributed for Jumps & shot. The system had somehow added some extra rows when exporting the results for U15 boys to the GP system. The error has now been corrected. Apologies for the problem for those with missing points - it now looks OK (at least to me).

Thanks to Carl Doodson (a parent of a Stockport athlete for spotting and pointing out that some age group allocations were incorrect and some GP points scores were missing. This problem has now been resolved and the corrected file is now attached 

04122016-Final-results.pdf 04122016-Final-results.pdf
GP2.pdf GP2.pdf