Fixture 1

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Date: 07/10/2018 20:54:01
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 The final results can be viewed or downloaded via the file below. These have now been forwarded to Power of 10. Apologies to the U11 girls in heat 3 of the 60m - their results had not been included in the provisional file. but are now added

Apologies for the delay in producing results for this fixture - this was due to 2 factors: i) We could not establish a network connection between the Photo Finish system and results computer, which meant that all track results had to be manually entered. ii) there were many examples of athletes who were competing as under 11s, but were in fact 11 on the 31st Aug 2019, and therefore should have been competing as U13s. We appreciate the confusion that is caused by an athlete who is currently 10 years old having to compete as an U13, but we are bound by the UK Athletics rules for our permit & have to apply the age group rules. These instances were restricted to about 6 athletes from the two Sheffield clubs, but this did mean i) Results production was slowed as we had to keep re-doing results to remove the athletes who were of wrong age; and more importantly ii) The athletes affected did not get any results for events where their performance could not be transferred into the correct age group eg u11 150m.

Could all team managers please ensure they check the athlete DoB and age group?

A big thankyou to all the officials today who did an excellent job in getting through all the events ahead of the forecast completion time in the timetable.

I do have a small stainless steel vacuum flask that was left in the Athletics Arena. (It did contain drinking chocolate if that helps identify the owner)

Final_Results_07_October_2018.pdf Final_Results_07_October_2018.pdf