Fixture 2

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Date: 30/11/2018 10:32:22
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 The provisional timetable and associated High Jump Pool lists can be viewed or downloaded via the links below.

Competitors are reminded to bring both their issued numbers, and that in the High Jump competition, competitors are limited to 7 jumps. Care is thereofore needed in selecting opening height and what subsequent heights you will attempt with your remaining jumps. Please note that 3 failures at any height means the competitor is out of the competition.

An athletics competition precedes the SY event, but will be finished around 11am. We also understand that there is another event in the netball  hall. So please allow enough time to get parked and be ready for your first event. Field events with a 12:00 start time will need athletes to register and mark out / prepare so the events can start promptly at 12.

  Only stadium blocks may be used at the venue.

We look forward to another enjoyable day of athletics!

HJPools.pdf HJPools.pdf
eventoutlineF2-2018.pdf eventoutlineF2-2018.pdf