Fixture 2

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Date: 21/11/2014 15:06:42
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The provisional event outline & timetable can be viewed or downloaded via the link below.(Please note the time of the final track event is 15:45, not 15:15)

Due to the numbers of U13 girls we have had to split the HJ into 2 pools. Pool 1 contains those athletes who are not doing the 600m, and pool 2 those who are. The pools can also be viewed or downloaded via the link below. All U13 girls (ie both pools) should mark out their run up and do some practice jumps starting at 11:30. Pool 1 competition will start at 12:00.

All High Jump athletes are reminded that they are limited to 7 jumps; and 3 failures at the same height means they are out of the competition.

eventoutlineF2.pdf eventoutlineF2.pdf
PoolsF2.pdf PoolsF2.pdf