Indoors Fixture 1

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Date: 05/11/2012 13:59:18
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 Provisional results are now uploaded and available to view or download.

Note 1: revised file added 14:20 to show timings to hundredths from Photo Finish.

Note 2:  Results of U15 girls 60m corrected. 13th placed athlete was number 464, not 46 as recorded.

Note 3: 4 missing City of Sheffield U11 boys LJ results added.

Note 4: Competitor 130 surname corrected to Bowman

 Thanks to all athletes , coaches and spectators for your support and patience yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed the event!

Particular thanks are due to the officials who worked tirelessly to ensure the meeting went smoothly.


Steve Gaines

Results04112012.pdf Results04112012.pdf