SY Indoor Open Series

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Date: 05/10/2018 15:37:58
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 The outline timetable and the pool lists showing (where more than 1 pool is necessary to try and avoid event clashes)  which pool athletes have been allocated to; can be viewed or downloaded via the links below.(The earlier publishes timetable timetable contained two events no 23a; This duplication was an error & has now been corrected)

Numbers will be available for collection from 10:30 at the registration desk on the first floor. All athletes who are competing in field events that start at 12:00 MUST be registered and there before 11:30 when measurement and warm ups will start. The competitions wil start at 12 prompt.

Only stadium blocks can be used.

I hope you all enjoy the 11th Series

ShotPoolsU15-Girls-F12018.pdf ShotPoolsU15-Girls-F12018.pdf
LJPoolsU15F12018.pdf LJPoolsU15F12018.pdf
eventoutline071018.pdf eventoutline071018.pdf
LJPoolsU13F12018.pdf LJPoolsU13F12018.pdf