SY Indoor Series Fixture 1

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Date: 31/10/2014 23:35:51
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The file which can be accessed via the link below, shows which pool the athletes have been allocated to.

Unfortunately the data sort function appears to not have worked properly, and the U13 girls long jump pools have been changed.

It is impossible to avoid completely a clash between the 200m and LJ, however the 200m athletes in Pool one should complete their LJ preparation at 11:30, and then go to the 200m for 11:55. The jumping order on the card should allow them to return for thier first jump (we will try and ensure that the LJ athletes run first)

Please ensure that the athlete attends for the right pool. The allocation has been made to avoid the pool event time conflcting with a track race the athletes have selected and entered.

Athletes who have not declared their events in advance will be allocated to a pool by the event officials on the day

Pools.pdf Pools.pdf