SY Indoor Series

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Date: 08/02/2015 19:14:01
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 The file is attached below, for downloading.

There were no errors or omissions advised, and  the final results are now published and have been forwarded to Power of 10.

 Thanks for your patience today; we were 30 minutes late starting on the long jump events due to a lack of both preparation of, and equipment supply for the pits.

Thanks to the excellent work of the volunteer officials and helpers, we eventually got back on track, and even finished about 15 mins ahead of the timetable I issued.

 One learning point from recent fixtures - and particularly today: it is important that ALL athletes & team managers supply accurate event declarations, so that the timetable and event schedule can be designed to run to time. Given the number of competitors taking part, it is unlikely that athletes who turn up without declaring events will be able to guarantee doing the field events they wish to

Results-08022015.pdf Results-08022015.pdf