SY Indoor Series

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Date: 27/11/2016 10:27:54
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Following requests that the GP points tables are published, to help individual athletes to decide on event choice; the tables are attached below for your information. Please note that the U11 shot tables were amended at the end of the 2016/7 series to reflect the change to the shot weight used

 Please note that these have been adjusted and improved over the years, but may still contain areas that can be improved. The tables cannot be changed part way through the series, but will be reviewed at the end of the 2017/18 series.

The rules for the GP competition can be seen by clicking on the SY Indoor Open Series link on the lhs of the webpage

U15-Points-tables.pdf U15-Points-tables.pdf
U13-Points-tables.pdf U13-Points-tables.pdf
U11Points-tables-revised-2017-.pdf U11Points-tables-revised-2017-.pdf