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Date: 23/11/2014 20:16:31
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 The results file can be viewed or downloaded via the link below.

Please advise if there are any omissions or errors. I will try and get the up to date GP points positions on line this week. Note: The earlier version had no U13 boys HJ results - this has now been corrected. Also added a missing performance for athlete no 51 in the U13 girls 200m, and athlete 357 moved to correct age group (U15 boys).

I have one item of lost property: A Nike dri-fit Tee shirt with "run to the beat" logo (do they do one with a "Remember your Tee-shirt" logo?). Depending on where the owner lives, it may have to be returned to it's owner in February.

Results23112014.pdf Results23112014.pdf