Indoor Series Awards

 All competitors will receive a certificate, showing their best performance in the events they compete in. The certificates will be issued after the final meeting. Non club athletes and non SY athletes will have to supply a SAE, at the final fixture, to receive certificates.

Grand Prix Awards (Changed in 2016/17)

The awards will be made to the 3 athletes who score the most points in each category, i.e. there will be an award for the best three under 11 girls, under 11 boys, U13 girls etc. A total of 18 awards, made to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall best performance in each category.

To be eligible for the awards, each athlete must compete in the first 3 of the 4 fixtures, and over the 3 fixtures must have a performance score in the 4 categories - sprints, longer runs, jumps and throws. (Details below)

The awards will then be made at the final (fourth) fixture on the  25th March 2018.

Each time an athlete takes part in an event, and completes the event, i.e. achieves a scoring result, then that performance will gain a GP points allocation.

The GP points are derived from tables based upon the SY track and field scoring tables. The tables have been modified to reflect the changed distances and events (e.g. 60m sprint and Turbo Javelin). The tables have been revised following the earlier series , to make them more equitable across all events. This equitability has been achieved by using The ESAA Gold Silver and Bronze standards for Yr 5 & Yr 6 athletes to ensure the table scores award similar points for all events for the standards. The tables for U13 and U15 athletes have been checked using the UK Young Athletes (AAA) Graded standards, so that a Grade 3 standard will earn broadly the same points in all events.

There are separate tables for each category, so under 11 girls get their GP points from the same table, U15 boys likewise. The tables give more points the higher the age group. This is simply because the performance range for U15s is higher than that of U13s, which is higher than that for U11s.

The results system will produce the GP points score for the best events in each of 4 categories : Sprints; Longer runs, Jumps, & throws  for eachathlete who meets the qualifying criteria. The total of those of those 4 event scores being the GP award points score.  

 It is hoped that this scheme will introduce young athletes to, & better reflect, the combined events format   The definition of the 4 category events are:-

Sprints: from 60m to 400m. Longer runs: 600m, 800m, 1200m. Jumps: Long Jump & High Jump. Throws: Shot put & Foam Javelin (for U11s only)

The GP results following each fixture will be published on the SYCAA website. If you discover any errors please advise. The publishing of these GP results allows the athletes to focus on a particular event to improve their weaker scores, and therefore increase their overall GP score.

The GP awards will be announced and presented at the end of the final fixture on the 25th March.

Steve Gaines
Series Organiser
September 2017