Road League Rules

1.   All races are to be held under UKA rules of competition.

2.   The League is open to all clubs in South Yorkshire affiliated to England Athletics. All athletes must be registered with England Athletics.

3.   The number of races is four per season.

4.   Registration procedure.

      a) The League Secretary will allocate a block of numbers to each club.

       b) Club contacts are responsible for issuing numbers to their members at a charge of £10 per number. This number is to be used in all four races.

       c)  Club contacts should provide the Secretary with lists of runners with name, age group and sex before the event and should give any late entries to the Secretary before the start of each race.

       d)   ALL numbers issued must be paid for a week in advance of the first race. Any numbers not required may returned at that time. Payment should be made to SYCAA and sent to the League Secretary or Treasurer. The SY Treasurer will issue a receipt for which an sae should be provided.

       e)  Guests and unattached runners are not allowed to compete.

       f)  Runners must be in the Under 17 age group or older as per UKA rules.

5.   Team scoring is first four men from the same club and first three ladies from the same club. Vet men only score separately.

6.   Runners who are non-scorers can compete for individual awards. These runners should be marked on the club list.

7.   Club colours MUST be worn. Any runner not in club colours will not score in team competition.

8.   The use of earphones during races is not permitted and will result in disqualification.

9.  Prizes are awarded for individuals who complete all four races in the follwing categories Senior Men, Men who are 40 on the day of the first race and the in five year age groups.  Senior Ladies, Ladies who are 35 on the day of the first race and then in five year age groups. Runners stay in the same age group for all events as declared.

10.  In the team competition, trophies for Men, Men Vets and Ladies are awarded. Teams must have a full team in each of the four events to qualify for the team trophies. Any club without a full team at any of the four races drops out of the competition.