Road League 2018

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Date: 27/03/2018 16:34:38
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“We are just about to start on the first race in the 5 miler race series.

 On Wednesday we start the first race at Brodsworth near Doncaster. Its mostly the same as last time with some key changes:

  • We have a new start – it is near  the local Pit close to the garden centre
  • We still meet at the garden centre but will have marshals to advise
  • There should be extra  urinals – please use them!
  • The start is 18.45

 The cost per person for the series  is still £10 per person. The club secretaries will be billed by the athletics association.

 All numbers should have been distributed to club secretaries. If they do not have the numbers then they should contact Richard Pegg today (07771 943 461)

 Please enjoy the race – looking forward to an enjoyable  event.