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Date: 18/05/2015 15:29:14
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2015 SYRRL at Oxspring Wednesday 13th May.
I have had a phone call this morning from a very irate Landlady at the Wagon and Horses PH at Oxspring regarding the conduct of  some of the runners in last Wednesday’s race.   
Even though Penistone FR & AC did not organise the event, we have a good working relationship with the Pub through the races we organise there, the Trunce and Oxspring Amble so she contacted me.      I do not attach any blame for what happened to Barnsley Harriers, who organised the event, as no one could have anticipated how some of the runners would conduct themselves.
Arrangements had been made that the Rafters Bar would be opened for the night for the use of Athletes attending the race.  
Unfortunately, the gents toilet in the Rafters Bar had a problem and there was a sign saying “Do not Use” on the door.      It appears that many runners totally ignored this warning and used the toilet, causing further blockages and leaving it in a disgusting state.     As a result, the Pub have had to get a Plumber in to sort out the mess caused and this is going to cost in the region of £150, which  SYCAA are going to have to pay.    She has taken some photos and said she would send me copies, which I will forward on to you if I receive them.
It had been widely publicised beforehand that runners were to only use the Rafters Bar and not buy their drinks from the bar downstairs in the dining area, even if they had to queue and wait to be served in the Rafters Bar.     Many runners totally ignored this warning and decided that they did not want to wait and went into the downstairs bar to purchase their drinks.     They all crowded around the bar area, so causing problems for the staff down there.    The waitresses had problems getting to the tables to take orders and deliver meals and diners could not get to the bar to purchase drinks.    Apparently, the bar staff had to fetch the landlord to ask the runners to go back to the Rafters Bar, he was then subjected to abuse from some of the runners who wanted to stay and buy their drinks there.     The Landlady said it was a most unpleasant experience for both the staff and the diners who were there. 
We only use the Pubs facilities on a few occasions throughout the year, whilst they have to rely on customers returning on a regular basis.    If they have an experience like this, then customers are unlikely to return to the Pub in the future.   
The Trunce is now in its 48th year and we have never had any complaint about the way those runners have conducted themselves and used the facilities there, even though we now regularly have in excess of 300 running.   Why is it always Road Runners who cause such problems.   Do they lose all sense and reason when they lace up their running shoes.   
The Landlady described many of the runners as “acting like animals”.   She said they hire the Rafters Bar out on a regular basis and have never experienced such behaviour before from other groups who have used the facilities.    
Would the runners abuse the facilities like this in their own home?     Very unlikely, so they should treat other peoples property in the manner which they would expect their own property to be treated.
It is difficult enough to find courses where there are facilities and sufficient parking to put these races on, especially now the numbers are exceeding 400 in some of the races.    If we treat those facilities in the manner which we did on Wednesday, then it is going to be difficult to organise any race in future.      
So please, think about the consequences of your actions and the repercussions which they could have on the rest of South Yorkshire Sport.

Martyn Cartwright
Club Secretary Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

01226 762557

Martyn's comments are endorsed by SYCAA. These actions endanger the continuation of your Road League.

                  Les Outwin, Secretary, SYCAA

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