Road League 28th March 2012 Oxspring Result

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Date: 05/04/2012 23:23:26
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A great turn out for the first Road League at Oxspring. Keith reports a few problems with the results; some late arrivals ran without numbers and who was the man who ran in his wife's number?

However the results team, David Horsfall and his wife, have sorted things out and compiled these individual results.  Contact Keith with any corrections or queries. Many thanks to Martyn Cartwright and his team of marshalls from Penistone FR for staging the race.

The recorders at the finish had some difficulty because of runners giving enthusiastic support for club mates as they finished. It is difficult to record accurately if you can't hear the numbers being called because of crowd noise! Please move away from the funnel when you have finished and make life a bit easier for the officials. Looking forward to another good turn out at Silkstone Common on the 11th.

Oxspring-Result-2012.pdf Oxspring-Result-2012.pdf