SYSAA Track & Field Selection Policy

               for the

ESAA Track and Field Championships

As South Yorkshire is a 'B' county, we are allowed up to 40 athletes at the National Championships.
For athletes to be considered for selection to represent the County at the National Track and Field Championships, they should have achieved a National or Entry Standard. However, the gaining of an ESAA National or Entry Standard DOES NOT guarantee automatic selection.
The Selection Committee will meet immediately after the SYSAA Track & Field Championships and consider, in the following order,

a) Athletes becoming SYSAA Champion who gain the National or Entry Standard for their event at today's County Championships.
b) Athletes who gain the National or Entry Standard for their event at today's County Championships.
c) Athletes who have gained National or Entry Standard for their event but have not competed in the championships as they were on National representative duties.
d) Athletes who have not achieved the required standard at today's championships but have done so at a previously approved meeting this season. They must have submitted a claim form with the required information, through their area manager,for consideration.
e) If all 40 places have not been filled, then the remaining places may be filled by athletes who the Selection Committee warrants inclusion in the squad.
f) Athletes who the Selection Committee consider are appropriate nominated substitutes.

Performances will be considered at the Selection Meeting immediately after the County Championships. To do this the Committee will use, in addition to today's championship results and results from genuine claims, results from:-

a) Yorkshire Championships
b) NoEAA U15/U17 Championships
c) Performances published on Power of 10.

Athletes claiming performances who are selected but are currently injured will be subject to the full price of the costs incurred by SYSAA should they not be fully fit by the time of the ESAA Championships; providing their place at those championships cannot be substituted by a nominated athlete. Should the athlete not fulfil the payment they will forfeit the right to be selected for future ESAA Championships until the payment is made.
In the event of severe weather causing the cancellation of our Championships, the Selection Committee reserves the right to select the whole team based on all available evidence and results.

Athletes who are selected to represent South Yorkshire at the ESAA Championships will be informed by letter through their area management. Confirmation of their availability and all other relevant information must be returned to the County Secretary within the time stated on the invitation.

Policy agreed January 2010