Fixture 2

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Date: 08/05/2016 18:51:11
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 The provisional Results file for fixture 2 has now been checked and verified, some incorrect athlete identities have been corrected and some finishing positions slightly changed / corrected. The file can be viewed or downloaded via the link below.

Please advise of any any further errors or omissions.

Also attached are the U13 Girls CE results. The awards / certificates will be presented at Fixture 3. The club points file, after 2 fixtures, is also attached.

If any athlete has any errors on their power of 10 profile, relating to Fixture 1 results, the administrators have sent the following email to SYCAA. Please follow this procedure to correct any errors that may exist:-

If any athletes say that performances have not linked to their profiles for whatever reason, including spelling mistakes in their names/club, please direct them to the above link & ask them to follow the instructions at the top of the page

U13-Girls-CE-Results.pdf U13-Girls-CE-Results.pdf
Club-points-after-F2.pdf Club-points-after-F2.pdf
Verified-results-08052016.pdf Verified-results-08052016.pdf