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Date: 28/06/2017 09:54:30
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In a further attempt to improve the quality and organisation of the Outdoor T&F league, the 2017 format has again been revised. Part of the new format is a change to the awards structure. U11 boys and girls have retained the Combined events format (best points total from 1 run, 1 jump & 1 throw) and these were presented on the day the CE competition took place. Event championships have continued to be spread over the 4 fixtures for the 4 age groups. The U13 age group has moved to a Grand Prix award similar to that which existed last year for U15 & U17, whereby awards are made to the best points score, achieved from 3 events in the 4 categories of Sprints, Distance runs, Throws & Jumps in the first 3 fixtures. This criteria means the awards can now be presented at Fixture 4, which we believe will improve over previous years (where the awards have been distributed after the 4th fixture via clubs) and enable the award winners to collect their awards at a formal presentation, during the lunch break, in the stadium. Awards will be presented to the first 3 in each age group and category.
 The list of award winners, in the 4 categories can be viiewed via the links below. (Please note that, due to an event programme error at Fixture 3, there was no distance run scheduled for U13s; the U13 Distance awards are therefore given to the best points performance from 2 runs , not 3)

GPAwardsSprints.pdf GPAwardsSprints.pdf
GPAwardsDistance.pdf GPAwardsDistance.pdf
GPAwardsJumps.pdf GPAwardsJumps.pdf
GPAwardsThrows.pdf GPAwardsThrows.pdf